Louise de Klerk

Louise de Klerk

Louise de Klerk louise de klerk was born in johannesburg, sa, in 1967. She finished her high school in klerksdorp and studies B.A. Communications at the PU for CHO, completing the degree in 1990. She is primarily a self-taught artist, although she received informal art training for the last two years under the guidance of Hennie Kruger (her friend and mentor and a well known master artist and art teacher of S.A. Louise is well established as versatile and creative artist.

Her work showcase a lot of different subjectsand she treats every painting in a different and unique artist style. She loves to paint faces and figures and always try to capture the heart and soul of the personbeing portrayed. She also like to paint wildlife, still life, landscape, etc. and see these subjects as a welcoming exerciseand test for her talents.

What makes Louise’s work even more special is her ability to work in various art techniques (brushes, drawing pencils and charcoal, ink, palette knifes etc. ) and art forms (satiric, impressionistic, realistic, graphical etc.) often mixing these in one work.

She roughly divides her own work in 3 main categories: Classical, Sketches and Cartooning.

The last is primarily drawn from her rich childhood memories and experiences, growing up in the countryside with a country style upbringing and surroundings.

She’s very often lead by a blank canvas to the subject and techniques of the day. Every art piece is planned carefully but there’s always an element of surprise on the finished product. Most of her work is done on canvas, working in acrylics and mixed medium, but when time allows, she takes every chance to work in oils as well.

She simply loves the inherent richness and flexibility of oil paint. Louise’s work is high demand throughout S.A. and she’s currently extending her market abroad. Her work can be seen in prominent art galleries in Christiana, Potchefstroom, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein and Jeffreys Bay. She’s been a professional fine artist for 13 years.