Paul Munro

Paul Munro

Born in Cape Town, 1959

Studied Commercial Art 1978-1981


Under the guidance and teaching of his father, Gordon Munro, an amateur artist, Paul started

painting and drawing from childhood. Paul’s love for nature was profoundly evident in these early

works, depicting the African landscapes and wildlife. Whilst a schoolboy, his paintings were

displayed and sold by Art Galleries in Cape Town.

From 1977 to 1981, he served in the S.A.Police Force. During these turbulent political years, he

was stationed in Johannesburg and Cape town. Studied Commercial Art by correspondence.

From 1981 to 1983, he was involved in security in Johannesburg. He completed numerous

combat courses and worked as a bodyguard for a then prominent business celebrity.

In !983. he started painting full-time. Loaded with a backpack, two-man tent and art materials,

Paul wandered around South Africa. He spent periods completely isolated from civilization,

capturing the rhythmic forms of the local landscape. It was during this period that he blossomed

into a painter of authority and commitment. Here he developed his close emotional accord with

nature and the skill needed to express these emotions. In his own words “to paint a mountain,

you first have to climb it” This adherence to factual truthfulness is a trait Paul has treasured

throughout his career.

In 2003, he moved to Port Elizabeth, where he is residing and is still producing landscapes and

seascapes. He is also producing Surrealistic works which he defines as “autoveristic”, a

combination of veristic and automatism.

He is currently teaching self defence and kickboxing. Paul has been involved in kickboxing and

close quarter combat most of his life and attained springbok colours, black belt and various S.A.

titles in the sport. His children, Roxanne and Gordon, reside with him.